The following are links to webpages dealing with research projects and topics for members of the Geometry and Graphics Group.  This portion of the website is still being developed.  Please be patient while they are developed more completely.

Research on Robust Geometric and Solid Modeling

See also the geometry pages.

  • ESOLID - The ESOLID System is a system for exact boundary evaluation of curved solids.  It was originally developed at the University of North Carolina, but has been modified and rewritten here at Texas A&M.   The ESOLID library contains a number of routines (including those developed for MAPC) for exact computation with curves and surfaces.
  • ERUR - We have implemented an exact version of the rational univariate reduction. We have used this to detect degenerate object configurations in boundary evaluation calculations (based on ESOLID).
  • Numerical Perturbation - We are exploring numerical perturbation techniques for the removal of degeneracies in boundary evaluation problems.
  • Controlled Geometric Accuracy - We are exploring methods for controlling the accuracy of geometric computations to allow user-specified robustness and accuracy.

Research on Physically-Based Modeling

  • Fire Simulation- We are developing methods for simulating at interactive rates, major aspects of fire behavior, including both flame simulation and object deformation.

  • Generalized Fluid Simulation- We are developing improvements to and other applications of fluid simulation in graphics.

  • Plant Motion- We are investigating methods for simulating the motion of plant structures (such as due to wind) in a level-of-detail approach.

  • Level of Detail Simulation of Rigid Bodies- We are investigating ways of providing a level-of-detail simulation of rigid body motion and collisions.

  • Particle Modeling for Objects- We are investigating ways of representing rigid and deformable objects and their interactions via particle calculations.

  • Simulation of Cloud Formation- We have investigated methods for simulating the formation of clouds for graphics applications.

Other Graphics and Geometry Research

  • Motion Blur- We are investigating ways to get artistic motion blur effects quickly from a deformable mesh model.

  • Terrain Generation- We are investigating the use of genetic algorithms to generate realistic terrain models.

  • Neuron Representation- In conjunction with the Brain Networks Laboratory, we have worked on methods for representing, reconstructing, and visualizing the geometry of neurons at a low level.