Fire Simulation

Fire, burning and everything related is part of this research. We build a simple physically based flame model by simulating the combustion process via coarse resolution fluid simulation at interactive rates. The heat generated by the combustion process is used to drive air currents. Solids within the computational domain catch fire and start burning, simulating the pyrolysis process. We model decomposition of burning solids by using level set methods. Burning pieces are simulated as rigid bodies. All this is combined into one single integrated simulation. Our current work includes incorporation of internal stress calculations.
We are also working on using the interactive fire simulation framework to "preview" the burning process and provide tools for the user/artist to control/choreograph the simulation. Later, a high resolution, finescale detail simulation is controlled using recorded user input and data collected from the preview to generate high quality results matching the preview sequence. The method we propose is simple to implement and could be applied in other applications easily.

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