Welcome to the webpages for the Geometry and Graphics Group.  These pages are still under development, and many areas are incomplete, but please look around.  The webpages should gradually develop over time.  These pages contain information both for those outside Texas A&M, as well as those in the group.

The Geometry and Graphics Group has weekly meetings that are used both to review each student's research progress, as well as to allow an in-depth discussion related to one student's research, or a review of a recent conference.  These meetings are intended for group members, but anyone interested may attend.  If you are interested in joining the group on a more regular basis, please talk with me.

Should you want any more information or have any questions not dealt with here, please contact me, the director of the group.  More details about some of the work are available on my own webpage at  You can email me at

Thank for your interest in our group.
John Keyser