General Info

The Geometry and Graphics Group is the research group working with Dr. John Keyser.  The primary focus of the group is on geometry (particularly robust computation), and graphics (particularly physically-based simulation). The group includes Ph.D., M.S., and Undergraduate Research Fellows students.

This website contains three main sections, accessed from the left menu:

The Academics section deals with courses and degree programs for those students at Texas A&M.  It is the first place to check if you are a current or incoming Texas A&M student and are interested in graphics or geometry research.

The Research section deals with prior and ongoing research in the Geometry & Graphics Group.  Eventually, it will include web pages devoted to each of the projects underway.

The People section contains information regarding the current and former students involved in the group.  Currently, the easiest way to find out about individual students' research is to access their pages in the People section.

The latest news, as well as schedules and the like, can be found on the right hand side off of the main web page.  This material is intended mainly for those students in the group.