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11/21/08: Mouse cerebellum (Golgi, 10X).
[WMV movie](15.7MB)
11/21/08: Mouse cortex (Golgi, 10X).
[WMV movie](3.9MB)
12/13/07: Rat cortex (Nissl 10X).
[WMV movie (coronal)](8.5MB)
[WMV movie (horizontal)](11MB)
Mouse spinal cord (India ink 10X).
[MPG movie](7.1MB)

Volume view: click the image above enlarge
Mouse olfactory bulb (Nissl 10X).
[WMV Movie](10.4MB)
Mouse olfactory bulb (Nissl 10X).
[WMV Movie](9.3MB)
Mouse cortex (Golgi 10X).
[WMV Movie](10.1MB)
Mouse olfactory bulb (Golgi 40X).
[WMV Movie](9MB)
Nissl-stained section (approx 400 slices).
[MPG movie](19MB) [Smaller version AVI movie](5.4MB)
Golgi-stained section (approx 400 slices). The chatter in the cutting process has been greatly abated after the knife mount was made sturdier.
[MPG movie](54.8MB) [Smaller version AVI movie](10.5MB)
A magnified view of the choroid plexus near the hippocampus. Beads of cells that secrete the cerebro-spinal fluid can be seen on the meandering tubes.
[AVI Movie](284K)