Nugget collection

Here's our entire nugget collection. Enjoy! (Follow the More images... link in each to view related material.)

3D reconstruction of Golgi data: Golgi-stained neuron is reconstructed in 3D. [More images] [More nuggets]

Mouse brain specimen: A mouse brain embedded in a plastic block (1cm3) is shown in the foreground of the diamond knife (orange colored tip above). [More images] [More nuggets]

The knife edge scanning microscope (KESM): A full view of the KESM in operation. [KESM Specifications] [More images] [More nuggets]

3D reconstruction of the hippocampus: A small portion of Nissl-stained hippocampus is visualized in 3D. [More images] [More nuggets]

Sectional view of a human brain: The cortical volume is reconstructed in 3D. [More images] [More nuggets]

Diamond knife/illuminator: The diamond knife is used both as a cutting instrument and as an illuminating component of KESM. [More images] [More nuggets]